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Retirement Planning Service

Tailored Strategies to Help You Pursue Financial Confidence

As local experts on retirement planning, Strategic Wealth understands the needs of those in Osage Beach and surrounding areas. Our focus on financial planning puts us in a position to help you create the future you deserve.

If you’ve been thinking about your retirement planning needs, we can help you create a blueprint that works for your life and circumstances.

Why Retirement Planning Is Essential

Retirement plans can set you up for a bright future. For example, you could spend less on taxes and add more to your accounts with proper retirement planning.

Knowing you have a plan for the future can also help you make better financial and career-related decisions. It puts you in a position of knowledge, which can be highly empowering.

When you work with an experienced retirement planner, you don’t need to worry about being a burden on your children as you grow older. 

You can focus on what you want out of retirement and strive to ensure you have the money for it with a plan. Then, you can make decisions that power the rest of your life.

Essential Considerations for Retirement Plans

Many different factors will be considered as you craft the perfect retirement plan for yourself. However, most of these things fall into one of five categories, including the following:

  1. Income Distribution – This helps to ensure your money will last and you can enjoy your golden years.
  2. Tax Mitigation – Reducing taxes is desirable, and retirement plans assist with that.
  3. Portfolio Adjustment – Choosing an investment plan and altering it as needed to meet your goals is part of retirement planning.
  4. Healthcare Planning – Understanding your healthcare options when growing older is vital.
  5. Estate Planning – Retirement plans can provide a way to share the wealth with children, grandchildren, and others as you age.

Why Choose Strategic Wealth as Your Retirement Planner

Strategic Wealth works with individuals planning for retirement every day. We’re committed to our clients and use a detail-oriented process to pursue the best results. Each team member can provide you with recommendations and advice to use during your planning.

When you’re ready to start retirement planning in Osage Beach, Strategic Wealth is here to assist you. If you are ready to start preparing for this stage of life, get in touch with us today. We’ll get started together.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is that you should start planning for retirement as early as possible. Most people begin the planning process in their 20s or 30s. Creating savings for retirement is easiest when you start early. However, even older individuals should start retirement planning as soon as it’s feasible.

There are several steps involved in the retirement planning process. It involves understanding your timeline, determining your retirement spending needs, calculating the after-tax rate of the investment returns, contrasting investment goals with risk tolerance, and working on estate planning needs.

A retirement plan offers an array of benefits that would be impossible to list in a short answer. First, it provides you with peace of mind that you’ll be cared for as you grow older. It can offer tax benefits to save you money now or later in life. Finally, retirement planning helps you view your financial issues in context and determine how to create a legacy for family members.

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