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Rodney O. Graham II

Rodney O. Graham II

Financial Planner

Hello! I’m Rodney Graham and am a proud member of the Strategic Wealth, Inc. family. I began my financial services career in 1998 and have known Shawn Manuel for over 25 years. He and I managed banks together for Arvest Bank Group and have also owned several successful companies together. Today, I’m a licensed financial planner and my experience ranges from insurance to financial planning with over a decade in leadership in the banking industry.

I truly love what I do as a financial planner and am passionate about helping people succeed and celebrate their hard-earned achievements. The connections built with clients push me to continually learn and enhance my skills as their guide and professional partner.

My wife, Krissy, and I live in the coastal town of Oceanside, California. We believe in living where you love and Southern California is just that for us. We take advantage of the opportunities offered in living here such as long walks on the beach collecting seashells, surfing, scuba diving and sailing/boating. I also enjoy cycling, photography and mentally stimulating games such as poker and chess. Krissy and I are blessed to be foster parents and share our sense of adventure with our two amazing girls and extended family, the Manuels.

Over the years, I have volunteered my time and skills to several community service organizations and currently sit on the board of directors at

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